The CCSS Team

CCSS Staff Team

Devon Moore

Assistant Dean of Students in the College

Director, Center for College Student Success


Kevin Collins

Assistant Director, Center for College Student Success


Kathryn Burns-Howard, College Adviser

Sonia Lizardo, College Adviser

CCSS Student Coordinators

JT Johnson, Class of 2019

Chun Lau, Class of 2020

Linnea Lungstrom, Class of 2020

Janet Gao, Class of 2021

CCSS Student Advisory Board                                                                                 

The CCSS Student Advisory Board is comprised of ten students in the College; two representatives from each class year, and one each representing the Socioeconomic Diversity Alliance and the Quest Scholars Network.  The Board works closely with CCSS advisers to identify areas of interest or concern and to plan programming to help address them.

Advisory Board Chairs:
Jess Mora, Carlos Olivares, Sophia Chen

Heather Weller
Viviana Rojas Madrid
Christian Porras
Kanisha Williams
Michelle Lopez

SDA & QSN Reps:
Courtney Cook, Socioeconomic Diversity Alliance
Jude Ikekhua, QuestBridge Scholars Network