Information for Prospective Students

  • Information for Prospective Students

    CAAP students take Core-level courses and experience life in Chicago

CAAP Summer Academy

Over the course of the summer, scholars get a “head start” by becoming acquainted with the expectations of classes, meeting their peers, and learning about the campus, local neighborhoods, and the city of Chicago at large.

Program Dates

The Chicago Academic Achievement Program 2019 Summer Academy will begin on Sunday, June 23 and end on Saturday, August 10. 

Preview Course Offerings

CAAP Scholars will receive instruction in the following areas: math, lab science, humanities, and writing. All books and course materials will be provided by the program. 

The Humanities courses and accompanying writing workshops are based on the UChicago Core sequences.  Course descriptions will be available in May for admitted scholars.

Math class offerings include calculus and statistics.  Scholars will take an online placement exam to determine their CAAP course.

Lab science class offerings include chemistry, biology, and computer science. Scholars will be assigned to a class based on their intended course of study and its requirements (e.g. pre-med students will enroll in chemistry).

"Writing expectations at UChicago were very different from those in high school. Summer classes at CAAP helped me to develop my writing skills and to think critically.”  -CAAP Alumnus

Residential Component

Housing and meals will be provided free of charge to program participants. Scholars will be housed and fed in facilities that serve undergraduates during the academic year, and will be supported by residential assistants, CAAP alumni, and professional program staff members.

All students will be subject to a curfew as a condition of their participation in the summer program.

Additional Activities

Tours, concerts, sporting events, and cultural programs will allow students to learn about campus and neighborhood resources and to develop skills necessary to explore the city. Transportation and admission costs will be covered by CAAP for all official program activities.

Financial Support

Students will receive stipend support upon successful completion of the Summer Academy and compliance with program expectations and rules. 

Program Costs

All costs and supplies for the summer, including travel to and from the Summer Academy, are covered by CAAP.  

Academic Year Program

During the academic year, students will receive a stipend to cover the work-study portions of their financial aid packages. During the time that would otherwise be dedicated to employment, CAAP Scholars attend on-campus workshops and events, and engage in additional experiential opportunities to augment their college experience.

CAAP Scholars are subject to course-load limits (four classes if not taking a lab science, three if taking a lab science) during the autumn quarter of their first academic year. They are also required to meet with program staff and complete a series of tasks outlined in our yearly CAAP Portfolio. You can see an example HERE

"I got a taste of what UChicago academics are like, which is helpful in order to prepare myself from the day I get my syllabus. I was presented with countless resources that I want to make use of during the school year, and I am so grateful to know that I will be able to manage being by myself away from my family." - CAAP Scholar

Campus Visit

Visiting campus soon?  Please let us know if you would like to meet with a CAAP staff member while you are in town.

Application Process

CAAP looks for students who could benefit from early exposure to the University of Chicago, and who are eager to engage in a rigorous academic program over the summer. 

Round 1: Early Action/Early Decision Admitted Students

Applications Deadline: February 24

Interviews: February 25 - March 8

Notification: March 15

Round 2: Early and Regular Decision Students

Application Deadline: April 21

Interviews: April 22 - May 3

Notification: May 9

Applications will be available via your UChicago Admissions portal, starting in late January.