For Odyssey Scholars

What can Odyssey do for you?

Assistance with Health Insurance Costs  Students are required to have health insurance while attending the College.  You must purchase the University of Chicago insurance plan unless you are covered under another plan with comparable coverage (e.g. a parent’s health insurance plan).  As an Odyssey Scholar, if you enroll in U-SHIP, the cost is paid for you by Odyssey Scholarship funds.

Textbook Options  While the Odyssey Scholarship does not provide additional funds for books, the cost of books and supplies is built into every student’s financial aid package.  Odyssey Scholars have several options for acquiring books for their courses, including taking advantage of the College’s Book and Supply Charge program to charge books to their student bill.  They can also check books out from the CCSS Lending Library.  For some student tips on finding free or inexpensive books, read through the SDA’s Tips and Tricks Guide.

Study Abroad Funding  Odyssey Scholars are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of study abroad offerings in the College.  Scholars will receive funding for program fees and housing costs associated with study abroad.  For fees not covered by financial aid (e.g. airfare and administrative fees), Odyssey Scholars can apply for additional scholarships through the College.  Scholarship applications are due in February for any study abroad the following academic year.

Odyssey Internship Program

The University of Chicago is committed to providing you with an education that enhances your personal and professional development.  To that end, Odyssey Scholars have the opportunity to receive a funded summer internship or research opportunity after their first year in the College.  To qualify for the opportunity, you will need to participate in Career Advancement programs and meetings with your career adviser. You will meet with your adviser throughout the year to discuss your academic and career interests to ensure that you’re in a strong position to find an internship that fits your interests and goals. To schedule a meeting with your career adviser, visit Handshake.  For more information, visit the Odyssey Career Resource Center. Note: If you get an error when accessing the Odyssey Careen Resource Center thats says "You are not authorized to access this page", all you need to do is log in with your CNet ID.