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Spring 2019 Event Calendar

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Previous Presentations and Workshops

Couldn't make it to one of our workshops? That's okay! When possible, we'll be saving any salient powerpoints, handouts, and educational materials on this page, so even if you can't come to a particular session, you'll still have the information at your fingertips.  Click on the session title to see the presentation slides.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like you aren't good enough to be here? That everyone else is smarter and has more to contribute than you?

This is a very common feeling for students in highly selective educational environments, and it has a name: Imposter Syndrome. See above for a hand-out from our workshop on ways to reframe the way you think about yourself when you start to have these feelings. 


Getting a Head Start on Your BA Paper

Learn some great tips from the Library about research and getting organized for writing your BA.  Check out the workshop presentation in the link above, or this Zotero Quickstart Guide or these Search Strategies.  In addition, many of the web tutorials discussed can be found on the Library YouTube channel.

How to Adult: A Two Part Workshop Series on Financial Planning 

This workshop covers the basics needed to understand your first job offer as well as plan for retirement. It was from a presentation by Moneythink!

Study Abroad

Wondering what happens to your financial aid when you study abroad? Concerned about affording the experience? This presentation answers those questions and many more. 

Budgeting for Study Abroad 2017 Presentation

We have also compiled a list of available scholarships and grants to subsidize the cost of studying abroad. Click HERE to learn more! 

Letters of Recommendation

Whether you're applying for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships or thinking about graduate school, you'll need strong letters of recommendation! Click the link above to learn what makes a strong letter, how to identify recommenders, and how to best ask someone to write on your behalf. 

Moving Off Campus

Wondering how your financial aid will be impacted if you move off campus? Want to know how to budget for it? Click on the presentation below to answer all these questions!

We also have a student budget template here.

Summer Budgeting

Did you know that you should be setting aside a certain amount of your earnings this summer for the summer work expectation for financial aid? These tools can help you plan.  We also have this example budget.


You can now view the video of the February 15 tax workshop for undergraduate students hosted by the Financial Wellness Workgroup. Please visit for more information.


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