Undocumented Student Resources

Our Commitment

"The University will continue working to ensure the success and well-being of our international and undocumented students. All of our students are entitled to the same rights and privileges around confidentiality of records and access to campus services and resources, regardless of citizenship. All students who apply to the University, regardless of citizenship and including undocumented students, are considered for admission and the financial aid for which they qualify. The University uses private funds to meet the full demonstrated financial aid needs of undocumented students in the College. We are committed to raising more private funds for financial aid to assist international and undocumented students in the College and throughout the University.

We firmly believe that every member of our community is entitled to participate in scholarly, professional and personal pursuits at the University. We recognize that individuals who are not United States citizens face distinctive challenges, and the University is committed to supporting them in numerous ways. This includes help with visa status and other issues that individuals must overcome to be members of our University community." - Daniel Diermeier, Provost (November, 2016)

Campus Resources

There are many offices on campus that provide an array of services and support to undocumented and DACAmented students, as well as those from mixed-status families.

For a complete list of University resources and a detailed FAQ, please visit undocumented.uchicago.edu.

Other Educational Resources

Students can click HERE for more information

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