CCSS Laptop Lending

CCSS Laptop Lending Program

Being able to complete coursework using a computer is essential to a student’s success at the University; however, not all student have convenient access to a computer during their time here. To help address this need, we are piloting the College’s first Laptop Lending Program. The Center has four laptops that students can have access to, three that can be checked out for as long as a quarter, and one for a business day- all on a first-come, first-serve basis. All laptops will have Microsoft Office suite and Adobe Reader installed, and students are able to download additional required programs (e.g., R).

To check out a laptop, please follow the steps below:

For an extended amount of time (up to a quarter)-

1. E-mail Center staff at or check online Libib directory to inquire about availability

2. Meet with a CCSS staff member to discuss the program and sign appropriate paperwork

3. Retrieve your laptop and charger

4. Return your materials to CCSS by the due date listed on your contract*

a. If you are finished with the computer sooner than your deadline, please return the materials so other students can benefit as soon as possible.

*Speak with CCSS if you need the laptop for more than one quarter.

For the day-

1. Speak with the student coordinator during CCSS business hours

2. Sign appropriate paperwork and receive your laptop and charger

3. Return your materials by 5:00 p.m. the next business day

a. If checked out on Friday, the laptop would be returned the following Monday