Maroon Mentors

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Maroon Mentors, the Center for College Success' official peer mentoring program, connects incoming first-year students with peer upperclassmen mentors. Through weekly informal check-ins, sponsored workshops, and campus events, our mentors will share their stories and help their mentees navigate the college environment. 

Mentee Recruitment

Selection for the Maroon Mentor program is upon us! If you are interested in being matched with an upperclassman through your first year, please apply via the link listed below.  If you have questions or any issues accessing the application, please reach out to Kevin Collins at Applications are due Friday, August 31st at 11:59pm and can be found here:

Happy applying! 

Mentors, 2018-2019

Jose Reyes, 3rd year

Sharon Lopez, 4th year

Paulina Torres, 4th year

JT Johnson, 4th year

Moises Rodriguez Cruz, 3rd year

Janice Chen, 3rd year

Ayling Dominguez, 4th year

Mohammed Bashier, 3rd year

Kevin Li, 2nd year

David Gonzalez-Velez, 2nd year

Kristen Lubawski, 4th year

Jess Mora, 3rd year

Jacqueline Ortiz, 4th year

Gabino Sanchez, 3rd year

Elizabeth Koh, 3rd year

Christian Porras, 3rd year

Lissette Gonzalez-Flores, 2nd year

Ashhad Qureshi, 3rd year

Nivedina Sarma, 3rd year

May Malone, 4th year