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The Maroon Mentors program connects incoming First-generation, Low-income, and/or Immigrant (FLI) students with peer upperclassmen mentors. Through weekly informal check-ins, sponsored programs and outings, our mentor families help each other navigate the College environment, providing support and resources to successfully adapt and transition to college life.

You may contact Talaya  LeGette,, with any questions about the program.

2019-2020 Recruitment

The application period for Maroon Mentors is now closed.  Please sign up for our weekly newsletter or visit our Facebook page to learn more CCSS programs and events.

2019-2020 Maroon Mentors Team

Lead Mentors:

Ashhad Qureshi, 4th year

Chris Porras, 4th year

Jess Mora, 4th year

David Gonzalez-Velez, 3rd year

Peer Mentors:

Moises Rodriguez Cruz, 4th year

José Reyes, 4th year

Janice Chen, 4th year

Mohammed Bashier, 4th year

Joshua McKie, 3rd year

Kevin Li, 3rd year

Allison Leon, 3rd year

Lisette Gonzalez-Flores, 3rd year

Eseme Segbefia, 2nd year

Esela Segbefia, 2nd year

Vallary Muhalia, 2nd year

Sabrina Mahmoodi, 2nd year

Chase Leito, 2nd year

Alex Duarte, 2nd year

Shannon Davis, 2nd year

Paige Brann, 2nd year